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How to watch Apple’s March event 2022 (and what to expect)

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Here's how to watch and what to expect next from Apple's Peek Performance event on 8 March.

It has been a few months since Apple's last Event Day, where it launched the new M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pros and third-generation AirPods, which means that we're just about due for another Apple hype session.

Like clockwork, Apple is holding an event with the tagline "Peek Performance".

Apple Peek Performance Australian time

If you do happen to be stateside, then Apple's official timing for the Peek Performance event is 8 March 2022 at 10am PST.

The international dateline strikes us here in Australia, but for once on the eastern side of the continent, it's not quite as brutal as usual. The flipside of that is that the further west you go, the more coffee you're going to need.

The Apple Peek Performance event will take place in the early morning of Wednesday 9 March 2022. Here's how it breaks down by location across Australia's current time zones:

Apple Peek Performance Australian time zones
Sydney, Melbourne (AEDT)5am
Brisbane (AEST)4am
Adelaide (ACDT)4:30am
Darwin (ACST)3:30am
Perth (AWST)2am

Of course, we'll be covering all of the news coming out of the Peek Performance event right here at Finder, so you don't have to get up early if you don't want to.

How can I watch the Apple Peek Performance launch event?

Apple is hosting the Peek Performance as a virtual event with no media present, which means that it's not the case that you could try to sneak into the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino to see what's going on. Honestly, it will all be pre-recorded anyway to avoid any technical glitches, so there would be no point.

Instead, it will offer a live stream through its global array of websites, through Apple TV and via YouTube. It's not live as this is being written, but you'll be able to watch on the player below:

What will Apple give us a peek at in its Peek Performance event?

As always, the Apple rumour mills have been churning over the past few months, peering illicitly into a few factory lines and making the odd wild guess as to what Apple plans to unleash. Apple famously does not comment on rumour or speculation, but all the signs point in a couple of key directions.

Updated iPhone SE (probably a lot like the old one, only faster)

First of all, we're expecting Apple to update the iPhone SE. The current model is the iPhone SE 2020, based around the build of the iPhone 8. It's easily the oldest iPhone in Apple's current line-up by a wide margin, well overdue for a refresh.

So what will we see? It's expected that Apple will keep to the iPhone 8 style form factor, which suggests that fans of TouchID will likely be able to rejoice. The addition of 5G also seems like a foregone conclusion, although that's not without its challenges.

The biggest problem we had with the iPhone SE 2020 when we reviewed it was that the battery performance was woeful by mid-range phone standards. 5G is a notable battery hog, and unless Apple plans to make the iPhone SE 2022 a little thicker, it doesn't have much room to move in terms of packing in extra batteries.

It's not expected that Apple will include Magsafe battery charging with the iPhone SE 2022 either, keeping that as a premium feature for the full-fat iPhone 12/13 series.

The iPhone SE 2022 will undoubtedly be a faster phone than its 2020 counterpart, but we're not expecting to see the A15 Bionic found in the iPhone 13 models unless Apple really doesn't want to sell any more iPhone 13 Mini handsets.

As for pricing, the current model sells from $679, and that's a price area that Apple is likely to target for the new model.

Apple historically doesn't make many pricing changes to its phones over their lifespan. While it still wants a more "affordable" iPhone, it doesn't quite want to sell out its brand image cheaply. Or at least, that's our guess. We have a comprehensive guide on what to expect from the 2022 iPhone SE here.

Updated iPad Air (also probably like the current one, but also faster)

It's also widely tipped that Apple will use its Peek Performance event to launch an upgraded Apple iPad Air tablet. The iPad Air was left in a rather odd position last year, as the iPad Mini saw a full upgrade to an A15 processor, making it a bit like a tiny iPad Pro, but the Air didn't.

It's expected that the primary upgrade that the iPad Air will see is a touch of specification matching, with an A15 processor similar (or identical) to that found in the iPad Mini. That's still going to leave some performance premium for the current generation of iPad Pro tablets, while also providing a big gulf in performance from the more affordable basic Apple iPad.

It's also rumoured that the new model iPad Air will support 5G networks. As with any other 5G device, it'll be interesting to see how well the Air's slim frame and battery constraints work against the power-hungry nature of 5G.

Faster Mac Mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro: Say hello to new processors

When Apple held its Unleashed event back in October, it updated its MacBook Pro lines with the M1 Max and M1 Pro chips for superior processing performance at a price premium. That left the Mac Mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air models somewhat behind on the first generation M1 processors.

It's expected that Apple will give the Mac Mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro a shot in the arm at its Peek Performance event with upgrades replacing the current models.

For the Mac Mini, there are some rumours that suggest it could become even more mini, with a shrunken enclosure to house its tiny computer body. That may or may not excite you, but what should is the suggestion that Apple will also shift over to providing Mac Mini models with the same M1 Pro and M1 Max chips currently found in the larger MacBook Pro models.

They're absolute performance beasts, and the lower price of the Mac Mini could make it a compelling option for folks who don't need the portability of a full laptop.

For the 13-inch MacBook Pro, it's feasible that Apple might just offer the 13-inch form factor with M1 Pro/Max chips to bring them into line with the current larger MacBook Pro models as well as properly differentiate them from the cheaper MacBook Air.

However, some rumours point to the existence of an M2 chip that might power the new MacBook Pro 13-inch model said to be unveiled at the Peek Performance event.

The rumours suggest that M2 will be less powerful than the current M1 Pro/Max chips, but still offer a performance uptick from the current M1 models. It's expected to be the chip of choice for an Apple MacBook Air refresh expected later this year, but Apple might just also sneak it into its more affordable smaller MacBook Pro too. We'll have to wait and see.

Why isn't it Peak Performance?

We don't know, but we can guess.

Apple marketing SVP Greg Joswiak effectively pre-announced the event in the tweet above, and there's a strong suggestion there of Augmented Reality (AR) images. Apple has been pushing AR as a concept across its iPhone lines for some years now, although it has never quite managed to get wide public attachment just yet.

This could tie into the long-rumoured Apple AR/VR glasses, although most rumours suggest that they're still some years away from hitting the market, if they ever in fact do.

Apple spends a lot on R&D for products and patents that never become real-world items you can buy. I've lost count of the number of words I've written over the decades about Apple TV panels, Apple Cars and indeed, Apple VR goggles. Maybe Apple's going to give a first view look at its AR/VR ambitions?

Equally speaking, maybe Apple CEO Tim Cook just enjoys a groan-worthy pun, because it'll be offering a look – a peek, in other words – at new iPhone SE, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini – with peak performance at its event. Tim Cook is probably allowed a dad joke from time to time.

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