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Inside the launch of the new GHD Glide Hot Brush


Take a look inside the glamorous launch event of the newest hair tool set to blow your mind.

It's no secret that GHD hair tools give your locks the royal treatment and have you looking like a queen. From straighteners and curlers to blow dryers and wands, the brand is launching something that we have never seen from them before.

Finder has been lucky enough to see many of their launches, such as the Platinum + straightener and the limited edition Gold Glacial Blue Styler. Today, we attended the event to introduce the new GHD Glide Hot Brush and damn, it's a doozy.

The event took place at the Edwards and Co. Academy, the hive of one of Sydney's most popular hair salons. Therefore, it was incredibly fitting to launch what we think will be one of Australia's most popular products right there.

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After mingling with some of the hottest beauty influencers, such as Kasey Rayton and Sammy Robinson, and of course snacking on the gorgeous breakfast spread, the brand took a moment to tell us a little more about the product and demonstrate exactly how it works.

We saw how the Glide Hot Brush works on the "Gym Girl", "Lazy Girl" and the "Office Girl", and it just made perfect sense. However, watching the brush in action is something that you'll need to see to believe. In all honesty, it's not the first time we've seen a brush of this style hit the market. However, it is the first time we've seen one work this well.

Each model has different hair but the most impressive had to be the model with tight frizzy curls. In just one glide of the brush, the hair was practically straight. With a second run over of the brush, her hair was not only straight but also smooth and jam-packed with shine.

Below you can see a before and after picture of her hair. The sleek and shiny style just speaks for itself and had the crowd astounded and antsy to get a go themselves.

The presenters did recommend sectioning your hair into sections and to pull the hair tight while running the brush through to get the ultimate straightening effect. The hair stylists at the event also assisted in showing us how to use it to straighten or add volume to our hair.

How does it actually work?

The brand explained this morning that this product has "dual ceramic technology, which means that it heats to 185 degrees Celsius which is the perfect or optimum temperature to style hair. Any hotter you get cracks in the cuticle layer and when the cuticle layer is cracked it's open and gets damaged, tangled, dull and colour doesn't last as long. Any lower than 185 and you simply don't get results."

The ceramic plate also has an ioniser which helps to restore balance and smooth your hair so that frizz is just a bad memory of the past. This happens as the "negative ions work to close the cuticle layer, lock in moisture and create a beautiful shine to the hair."

The ceramic plates are also located on the inside of the brush, so burning yourself got a whole lot harder.

So what do we think?

To my bank account's dismay, I want one. It took half the time to do my hair than it normally would and the smoothness held throughout the rest of my day without turning frizzy – which often happens.

Seeing it used on different hair types was also a big sell for me as it shows the versatility of this product. It comes as no surprise though as this was an important factor of the design for the Platinum + straightener too!

This product retails for $210 which is approximately $130 cheaper than a GHD Platinum + Straightener. The GHD Glide is available now at GHD online. If you do want to get your hands on it, we suggest getting a wriggle on as this product is a limited edition and we expect a sellout very soon!

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