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A review and wear test of the MECCA MAX Life Proof Foundation

A high-end foundation at an affordable price? Where do I sign up?!

Hello. Your friendly neighborhood foundation hoarder is back again with yet another makeup product. You may remember me from my Tarte Foundation Review or even my Marc Jacob Shameless Foundation review.

Now, I'm back and better than ever with a new foundation that is high end and affordable. Yes, you are welcome. It's the MECCA MAX Life Proof Longwear Foundation and I've never heard a foundation name that I related to more than this. I need a foundation that can keep up with my rollercoaster of a life and, by Jove, I hope this can.

The foundation comes in eight shades and according to MECCA, "you can trust this to stay put without touch-ups. This is foundation for women who know there are more than 24 hours in a day if you’re living your best life."

When looking at a foundation, I do tend to enjoy the dewy look over a matte but I'm always open for something to sweep me off my feet. I also have dry to normal skin depending on how much water I drink, which is normally an embarrassingly low amount.

So if you're interested in a foundation that's high end and super affordable then please scroll on...


Foundation application

So in order to get the most authentic use of this foundation, I decided to skip applying primer. Blasphemy, I know.

However, using a hydrating primer could make this foundation look dewy or mess with the formula, which won't give an accurate ruling –and we just can't have that. I did, however, moisturise my face that morning so it wasn't ridiculously dry on application.

When applying the product I opted for my beauty blender as the foundation is quite a liquid consistency. Plus, a beauty blender is my favourite way to apply foundation.

The foundation definitely had a cool refreshing feeling as soon as I applied it to my face. It spread easily using the beauty blender and I was done within a few minutes. It felt incredibly soft on my skin as if I was actually applying moisturiser rather than a foundation.

Due to the liquid consistency, I did feel like my beauty blender soaked up some of the foundation but wasn't surprised. If you want to avoid this then use a kabuki brush.

Foundation finish

The foundation finish wasn't exactly what I had expected. I thought it was going to be an incredibly wet, dewy-looking foundation, judging by the consistency.

While the foundation felt extremely hydrating, it did look to have more of an in-between matte/dewy finish. I didn't dislike this and actually loved how soft and natural the foundation looked on my skin.

I would describe this as a medium coverage foundation but was able to build it up on areas where I had breakouts. Therefore, if you want this to be more full coverage you can make it work, but I love how this looked for an everyday wear that wasn't too full on.


Is the foundation long lasting?

MECCA advertises this foundation as having 24-hour wear. If there is anyone well-suited to test that, it would have to be me. I'm literally the worst person when it comes to face touching. I rub my eyes and rest my face on my hand all the time. Therefore, It's very hard for makeup to actually stay on my face.

I put this foundation to this test and applied it in the morning for a full Saturday. The day had been surprisingly warm for Autumn at the time and my body clock wasn't coping. However, this foundation (which wasn't set with powder might I add) held up incredibly well against the elements.

I also ended up going to an event that night and was planning on redoing my makeup beforehand. But, when I went to get ready, my foundation looked absolutely flawless and I didn't even feel the need to redo my base. In my books, that's a pretty big deal.

Final verdict

As a final verdict, I was pretty pleased with how this foundation turned out. I'm kind of a makeup snob and seriously fell in love with this product.

Honestly, I didn't think I was going to be feeling it as I do prefer a more dewy finish. But just like Goldilocks and her porridge, this foundation was just right.

What does it cost?

Okay, here is the best part about this entire foundation. It's $30. Seriously.

For 30ml you get this entire foundation and pump included because MECCA is just good like that. They also have a MECCA MAX primer which is supposed to work incredibly well with the foundation. It's the Bright on Bright Illuminating Primer which is $29 and will give the foundation a glowier look if you're after it.

Where can you buy it?

If you haven't put it together yet, the one and only place to purchase this glorious product from is MECCA. They offer free shipping for products over $75 too, so you can totally justify a spending spree!

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