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Instagram made me buy it: Mermade Hair Waver Review


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So one day, I'm innocently scrolling through my insta-feed and a few of my fav influencers all started rocking this similar mermaid style hair. I was obsessed to say the least.

Turns out it was all because of one styling tool from the brand, Mermade Hair.

Not only was the brand name a gorgeous pun that I had a deep appreciation for but it was also $89?! It's a hair crimper but looked like three large curling barrels all strapped together that gave you very Kim K style waves.

In two seconds I was emailing Mermade Hair because I HAD to review this. So here is a full run-down of how I met the love of my life…

The review

First things first - this product is more of a hair waver rather than a crimper. Due to the barrels being nice and thick (33mm to be precise), you don't end up with 80s madonna hair - even though I wouldn't be mad about that either.

The product also comes with a glove to protect your hand from the heat. This is great because I'm completely incapable of using heat tools without walking away with an injury.

The waver has three settings of 180, 190 and 200-degree celsius. Personally, I kept it on 180 because I don't have a personal vendetta against my hair and she's already been through enough.

After a few minutes of using this tool I soon realised that this is one of the easiest hair styling tools I've EVER come across. It's seriously as simple as sectioning your hair, separating a piece and clamping down. You hold the clamp down for about 4-7 seconds depending on how wavy you want your locks.

Once you've made your way down your hair your left with a gorgeous piece of wavy magical mermaid hair. Eat your heart out, Aquamarine.

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Now one thing that isn't a deal-breaker but not fabulous about the product is that it takes me a while to do my entire head of hair. I do have pretty thick hair but it normally takes me about 20 minutes to curl or straighten whereas it took about 35-40 minutes using the waver.

This is mainly because you have to really hold the clamp down about four times on one each piece of hair. If you have short hair or thinner hair than mine this wouldn't be a massive issue for you.

BUT the redeeming quality on that note is that the hairstyle lasts for DAYS. When using a normal curler or straightener, the style is gone in a day. My waves held for legit like 4 days and it really made getting ready for work a breeze.

I also love the fact that this style of hair looks supernatural. I look like I came straight from the Atlantic to sing songs to pirates and lure them to their deaths. You wouldn't think I spent 40 minutes doing it (worth it).


I. Am. Obsessed.

Seriously, even though it takes a while to do my hair (which is only an issue if you have a lot of hair), I really really love this product. We're now in a committed relationship. The results speak for themselves.

It's incredibly easy to use and I'm yet to burn myself. It also has an auto-shutoff feature in case you leave it on, which is fabulous because I suck at remembering to do that - no joke I once burned a line into my carpet from a curling wand.

I'm not sure how this product would go on someone with super curly ringlet level hair but I have pretty curly hair naturally and it was a gem on me.


These wavers are available online from the Mermade Hair website and you can also purchase them from Princess Polly. These bad boys do tend to sell out quickly so if they are in stock you will probably want to act quickly. If they are sold out you're able to pre-order and honestly, I suggest doing so.

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