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Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment review

Quick verdict: If you can afford it, this potent night serum will make a great addition to your skincare routine.

Quick verdict:

If you can afford it, this potent night serum will make a great addition to your skincare routine.

What we liked

  • Powerful formulation
  • Free from parabens, fragrance and sulphates
  • Amazing sensory experience

What we didn't like

  • High price tag
  • Too harsh to use every night
  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin

The Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment is the most potent serum to come from the Ole Henriksen brand – and it has one of the highest acid contents on the market.

If you're looking for a product that's going to improve and change your skin's texture, this may be your new best friend. Here's exactly what we thought of the Dewtopia Night Treatment Serum.

What does it do?

Ole Henriksen's Dewtopia Treatment is a potent night serum formulated with a powerful 20% acid blend. It contains 10% AHAs and 10% PHAs, both working together to chemically exfoliate and smooth the skin.

Ole Henriksen has also included aloe juice, Nordic birch sap and cotton water to keep the skin soft and nourished. Liquorice extract has also been included to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, and overall contributing to the retexturising effects of this night serum.

Does it work?

I've been using the Dewtopia Night Treatment for about a month, 2-3 times a week, only at night. I apply it all over my face and neck, and follow up with a moisturiser once the serum has dried down.

There's no denying that Ole Henriksen knows what it's doing when it comes to the sensorial experience of skincare. Not only is the texture of this serum silky smooth and velvety, but the lemon sugar scent is absolutely delicious (but please don't eat this!)

When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks smoother, brighter and more even.

Ole Henriksen Dewtopia review - in its case

Before and after photos. Image: Marina Tatas/Finder

I'm lucky enough to not have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines just yet – but I was able to test this bad boy on an active pimple and my acne scars. It significantly reduced the redness in my skin, and made my complexion look more even and brighter overall.

When using chemical exfoliants (and in general), it's extremely important to make sure you're wearing sunscreen every day. These potent active ingredients will increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. Thankfully, we've rounded up the best face sunscreens on the market.

Should you buy it?

  • Buy it if: You're looking to improve pigmentation, dark spots, skin texture, acne, etc.
  • Don't buy it if: You have sensitive skin.

Overall, I give the Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The formulation itself is fabulous and works to seriously transform the look of my skin. You'll get the results you want from using this treatment and there's no doubt about that.

The product itself comes in a beautiful glass bottle and the smell and texture are unlike anything I've tried before.

However, no matter how much you build up to it, I don't think you need to be using a treatment this strong on a nightly basis. Use it a few times a week, depending on your skin, and see how you go from there.

I don't have sensitive skin, so I can't comment on how this serum would work. But in my opinion, I would not recommend this product for those with sensitive skin types – you can find something with a lower percentage of acid that's just as transformative.

The Dewtopia Night Treatment also lost a star for the high price tag. While I was generously gifted this serum to try, it retails for $85 which is a pretty steep price point. I can't see myself buying this on a regular basis – but it is a nice addition to my skincare regimen when I want to treat myself.

Pricing and availability


RRP $85

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How did we test this product?

The members of our editorial team review hundreds of beauty products. They reflect on their own personal experiences when testing each one. To test the Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment, our reviewer used it 2-3 times a week over the course of a month.

Why you can trust us

I used the Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment 2-3 times a week over the course of a month. The serum was tested alongside other skincare products, and before and after photos were taken.

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