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Orbic takes on Apple with budget tablet in Australia

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Orbic aims to deliver tech with a difference, but will it be able to make an impact in the Australian market?

It's tough to make a splash in the world of consumer technology, but Orbic was attempting to do just that.

Its phones, wearables, tablets and laptops are a growing success story in the US. Now, it's bringing its unique approach to technology down under.

Is this brand worth all the buzz? Or is it just another company in a long line of upstarts trying and failing to take on the Apples and Samsungs of the world?

About Orbic

Orbic's range of tech distinguishes itself in a number of ways.

Orbic's stated mission is to "enable consumers to enjoy the overall experience of using devices that give them meaningful features and benefits they need to be connected 24/7 at affordable price points".

That means budget products. Orbic's flagship smartphone, the Orbic Myra 5G, starts at US$349.99. The Orbic Wonder 4G costs just US$99.99.

It's not just smartphones that come in cheap. The 5G-capable Orbic AirSurf laptop starts at US$699.99 while the Orbic Chromebook 4G costs a mere US$329.99.

Even when you account for currency conversion, GST and the dreaded "Australia tax", these products should still be highly affordable in Australia should they ever make their way here.

Sustainability and responsibility are also at the core of what Orbic does. The brand claims its products use ethically sourced, non-conflict-associated materials and certified renewable/recyclable packaging.

We're all aware of consumerism's effects on the environment and our fellow humans, so it's refreshing to see a new company committing to going about its business the right way.

Orbic Tab8 4G and Tab 10R 4G

Orbic tablets

The Orbic Tab8 and Tab 10R will be the brand's first products to be distributed in Australia. Image: Supplied

That leads us to Orbic's first foray into the Australian market with the release of the Tab8 and Tab 10R tablets. The Tab8 will be made available from 29 November while the Tab 10R will launch sometime in December.

The Tab8 4G is available only as a prepaid purchase from Telstra. In the US, many of Orbic's products are locked to telecommunications carrier Verizon, so expect to see more locked products from the brand.

Costing AUD$149 and measuring 8 inches, the device utilises a Qualcomm 600 chipset and an impressive 4,300mAh battery.

It is the only tablet at this price point to offer voice support and both Wi-Fi and SIM connectivity. It also has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

Orbic's more premium offering is the Tab 10R. Made in collaboration with Smartmatic, it's more of a multimedia machine, designed with content creation in mind.

This 10-inch tablet features a durable design including IP65 dust- and waterproofing. It includes a stylus and you can opt to purchase an accompanying kickstand for $29.95.

The Orbic Tab 10R will retail for AUD$429 at Mobileciti.

More Orbic products

We're not sure at this time exactly which products we'll be seeing as Orbic expands throughout Australia, but we can confirm more are coming.

Talking with Danny Adamopoulos, EVP of global strategy and operations at Orbic, Finder determined that the next product from the Orbic catalogue to hit Australia will be the earbuds. The Orbic earbuds should land in Q1 2023. A bundle with the earbuds and the tablets could also be on the cards.

Elsewhere, we can take a look at what's on sale in the US for some teasers.

The Orbic Myra 5G utilises ultrawide bandwidth technology for a speedy connection. It offers a 6.78-inch HD LCD screen and a 16MP triple rear camera as well as a full day of battery life.

A woman and 2 kids looking at a tablet

On the whole, it's an extremely impressive device for an affordable price.

The Orbic AirSurf also uses 5G UW technology.

Using a laptop on the go requires the clunky process of using your phone's personal hotspot or desperately searching for public Wi-Fi. The AirSurf's 5G functionality does away with that. It also features an Intel i3 processor and a 2-in-1 convertible design to maximise portability.

Then there's the Orbic SmartWrist. Available at just US$199.99 (AUD$295.57), it offers premium functionality you'd expect to find on smartwatches double the price. This includes SOS and fall detection with an emergency service auto-dial and a stunning AMOLED display.

We could go on. The key point is that Orbic has an impressive catalogue of tech that should serve an interesting role in the Australian market.

The verdict

With competition in consumer tech, we say the more the merrier.

If you believe that brands like Apple are getting too comfortable (see: the iPhone 14 being a slightly altered iPhone 13), Orbic's arrival in Australia is good news.

It's too early to crown them serious challengers, but a sizeable array of affordable-yet-premium tech could be just what we need to keep the major players in the space on their toes.

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