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Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask review: Does it actually do anything?

Strap in girls and boys. I have found the skincare product from the future that's here to revolutionise your skincare regime. 

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Skincare products really are stepping up their game. Treatments that were once only available from dermatologists or beauticians are now readily available in your home, and you can now find microdermabrasion kits and IPL laser hair removal machines from multiple beauty supply stores. It's wild and I love it.

Well, you can go ahead and add LED light therapy to the list because skincare brand Peppy Co has launched its own at-home light therapy mask with three types of LED light therapy.

You may have seen the Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask all over your social media feed, since every influencer on the planet seems to be absolutely loving this thing at the moment. Naturally, this meant I needed to try it out for myself since I do consider myself a (completely unofficial) beauty blogger.

About the product

LED light therapy masks have been around for a few years now, but in my opinion, the prices they usually go for are absolutely ridiculous. The Dr Dennis Gross mask costs a whopping $696 and, I'm sorry, but that is more than two weeks rent. Absolutely not.

The Peppy Co mask costs $179, so while it's still expensive, it's a hell of a lot more affordable than some other products on the market.

The brand describes the mask as:

"Designed to offer an easy and safe solution for perfect facial skin – that will actually work and won't break the bank! This medical grade LED Mask harnesses a full spectrum of therapeutic blue, red and yellow lights that zaps acne-causing bacteria, detoxifies skin, and prevents wrinkles. Finally you can experience pro-level dermatologist LED light treatment from the comfort of your own home. This mask is the safest, most comfortable and most effective way to get perfect, glowing skin."

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The review

As soon as the mask arrived I opened her up with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. It was a lot lighter than I expected and it also came in a cute little silk pouch.

The mask definitely gives me some Star Wars "Luke, I am your father"/ Kylo Ren vibes and I definitely made this joke to my roommate way too many times, but hey, sue me.

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Brb, using the force to fix my skin.

The mask emits three different coloured lights for three different skin concerns. Blue helps to treat and eliminate acne, red aids in anti-aging and yellow dilutes pigment by increasing circulation.

You simply need to plug the cord into a USB port, click the button on the side to indicate the therapy you want and sit back and relax.

One thing I was surprised by was that you actually can't see out of the little eye slit thing. This then made sense because blaring lights right into your eyes definitely does not sound like a good idea and please do not abuse your eyeballs like that.

Each light therapy sesh lasts 10 minutes and according to the product guide, this should be done at least three times a week. That means that you can do three sessions for each shade of light.

It's actually a really nice little self-pampering/self-love vibe to chuck this mask on, pop on a podcast, close your eyes and feel the self-care.

Final verdict

Straight off the bat, you're not going to see results after the first week of using a product like this. These things take time. If you're after something that is going to give you a quick fix, this isn't it.

I know for a product that costs $179, you want to be able to know your investment was worth it straight away, but I only started noticing a difference after about three weeks.

My skin's redness and pigmentation definitely got better and so did the spots that had been sticking around way past their welcome date.

I don't have any cystic acne or scarring myself, but I do get some pretty aggressive pimples, especially as a result of hormonal acne. I definitely felt like these were less intense as a result of using this mask and I enjoyed working the product into my regime as an ongoing skincare tool.

It's also a lot cheaper than paying for LED light therapy at a skin clinic.

The on-site reviews also show pretty positive feedback from the brand's customers, which is something I like to look for to see how others with different skin to mine find the product.

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Where can you buy it?

The Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask is available to purchase from Peppy Co's website. My favourite thing about this product is that the brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with your results, so you don't have to stress if it doesn't end up working for you.

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