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The scariest Halloween costumes for 2024

Check out these terrifying costumes guaranteed to give your friends the fright of their lives!

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While many people like to dress in cute or sexy costumes, Halloween is traditionally about all things dark and spooky. So, if you want to stick to the roots of All Hallows' Eve and dress to scare, we're here to help.

We've rounded up the creepiest costumes for this year that are sure to impress your friends. We've also gathered the best online retailers to shop the looks, so that you can get organised sooner.

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Scariest Halloween costumes for 2024

From horror movie icons to literary villains, there is no shortage of scary Halloween costume ideas out there. If you're feeling stumped, here are a few ideas to get you started. Most of these can be whipped up by visiting your local op shop. Can't be bothered with DIY (or need a costume fast)? We have also included links to buy ready-made outfits.

1. Momo Challenge

This truly terrifying spectre caused a global panic in 2018 due to hysterical media reports. The creature was supposedly appearing in YouTube videos aimed at kids and encouraging them to commit violent acts. The whole thing turned out to be a hoax. Nevertheless, it remains an unsettling image that will be sure to spook parents with hazy memories of the incident.

The Grudge costume

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2. Michael Myers

When it comes to Halloween monsters, they don't come more famous - or terrifying - than this. The masked killer from the seemingly never-ending Halloween movie franchise is the perfect costume choice for any big lads out there. Simply pick up a Michael Myers mask and complete the look with black boots and a blue work jumpsuit.

Hazmat zombie costume

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3. The Invisible Man

This one may take some extra effort, but we promise it will be worth it. Invest in an oversized suit so you can look out the buttonholes and then use a twisted wire hanger to give the illusion of a floating hat and glasses. Creepy and creative.

Another way to pull off this look in photos is to purchase an "invisible man" body suit (linked below). You can then easily remove parts of your body using a free editing app and share the results on social media - your friends will be amazed!

The Invisible Man costume

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4. Chucky

This one might have been done to death, but the Chucky costume is a Halloween classic. After all, is there anything creepier than the idea of your dolls coming to life and trying to kill you? We didn't think so.

This is a good (albeit edgy) costume idea for kids but it also works for adults, regardless of how tall you are. All you need is a striped long sleeved top, a red wig and overalls. (For the full effect, pick up a plastic butcher knife and add some freckles with a washable felt tip pen.)

Chucky costume

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5. The Tethered

Another simple yet horrifying costume is that of The Tethered. These violent villains from horror film Us are meant to be doppelgangers, giving you an excuse to go as yourself – only scarier. (If you happen to be an identical twin, this is perfect.)

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6. Slenderman

If you're on the tall side and thin, Slenderman is the perfect costume for you. Not only is it creepy as hell, but it's also relatively simple to pull off. Just throw on your best suit, find a mask and get quietly lurking about the place.

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7. Mummy

If you're looking for a creepy costume that's still a bit glam, give a Mummy costume a try. Pair a simple white outfit with head bandages that leave just enough room for some popping makeup. Add some creepy white contacts and you're good to go.

Mummy costume

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8. Dead little girl

Every Halloween brings out a whole heap of dead girls carrying a blood-stained teddy around. Why? Because it is scary as all hell and it just works. Plus, it's super affordable – just buy a cheap dress and trash it with fake blood.

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9. Demon

If you're really out to scare this Halloween, embrace your inner demon. This look really doesn't require anything creative in the costume department, but you will need some great makeup effects and contact lenses. Simple, yet terrifying.

If you want a recognisable villain, a light blue dress and long brown hair will transform you into Regan/Pazuzu from The Exorcist. (For extra gross points, smear some pea soup on the front of the dress to replicate the infamous vomit scene.)

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10. Zombie nurse

Is it really Halloween without a good old fashioned zombie costume? Recycle your nurse costume from years past and give it a twist with this zombie nurse look that will scare the pants off your bestie. Don't have a nurse's uniform? You can "zombify" any old Halloween costume gathering dust in your wardrobe - just add some fake spattered blood and a few rips.

Canny costume manufacturers have started selling ready-made "zombified" outfits, so if you tossed out last year's costume a solution is at hand.

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11. Kayako Saeki (The Grudge)

With the new The Grudge movie still fresh in their minds, your friends are sure to get a chill when Kayako Saeki comes knocking on their door. Paint yourself white, add a long black wig and prepare to creep out your unsuspecting victims.

The Grudge costume

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12. Hazmat zombie

Embrace the horror of the modern world with a pandemic-inspired hazmat suit that can be easily paired with a protective face mask. If you want to step things up a notch, you can make it extra creepy with blood stains or some killer zombie makeup.

Hazmat zombie costume

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Top stores to buy cheap basics and accessories

If you're on a budget this year, get creative and make your own costume with cheap basics and accessories from these affordable retailers.

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