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Tablet scoring methodology

Here's how we break down the scores for our tablet reviews.

Here at Finder, we rigorously test the tablets we review to determine scores for design, performance and battery life as well as an overall score. Our reviewers rate each category out of five, with zero being the lowest possible score.

This is how our reviewers break down each score:


To determine the design score, we consider the following:

  • Aesthetics. How does the product look?
  • Portability. How heavy and bulky is it?
  • Materials. What is it made out of? Does it feel cheap or high-quality?
  • Display. How big is the screen? What resolution does it have? How vibrant are the colours? Can you see the screen clearly in all lighting conditions?
  • Functionality. Is the design functional? Does it make the device easier or harder to use?
  • Durability. Does it have a waterproof rating? Is it dustproof? Is it kid-friendly?
  • Set-up. What's included in the box? Does it come with a stylus? How easy is it to set up the tablet?
  • Features. Does it have a headphone jack? Is there a microSD card slot? Does it offer face ID scanning or a fingerprint sensor?
  • Keyboard. Is there a wide range of compatible keyboards? Is a keyboard included?


To determine the camera score, we consider the following:

  • Hardware. Does it have both rear and front-facing cameras? Does it offer dual lenses? How easy is it to hold while taking photos?
  • Photos. How many megapixels does it record? How well does the focus work?
  • Videos. What resolution does it record in? How well does it work for video calls?
  • Editing. Is there a wide range of photo and video editing software available?


To determine the performance score, we consider the following:

  • Operating system. What OS does the device use? Does it support a wide range of apps?
  • Storage. How much storage does it offer? Is the storage expandable?
  • Processing power. What processor does it use? How fast and powerful is it?
  • Drawing. Can it be used for drawing and graphic design? If so, how responsive is the screen? How sensitive is the drawing stylus?
  • Speaker quality. How loud are the speakers? Is the sound clear?
  • Connectivity. Does it offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC or GPS? Does it support mobile broadband?


To determine the battery score, we consider the following:

  • Battery life. How long does the battery last? Does the battery life live up to the manufacturer's promise?
  • Charging method. Does it use a micro USB, USB-C, lightning cable or proprietary charger? Is wireless charging available?
  • Charging time. How long does it take to charge?

Overall score

To determine the overall score, we consider the scores for design, camera, performance and battery life, the price and how it compares to other available tablets. For example, a tablet could have high scores for design and performance, but a high price tag might bring down the overall score.

When coming up with the overall score, we consider the following:

  • Our overall impression of the product
  • Value for money
  • Design
  • Camera
  • Performance
  • Battery life
  • How it compares to the rest of the market

While our scores reflect the value we give each tablet, there is a level of subjectivity to each review. If your experience with a device differs from ours, we'd love to hear from you.

We review devices as we get them. Software updates and improvements can occur after the time of the review, changing the performance of the device. When possible, we aim to reflect these updates in our reviews.

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