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Telstra reveals pricing for Telstra Smart Home



Telstra’s Smart Home automation products will be available in two different subscription packages depending on your desire for either home automation or home security.

Telstra announced earlier in the year that it would step into the world of home automation with new Telstra Smart Home packages that it would sell in the same way that it sells mobile and broadband services.

It has today announced the pricing for its Telstra Smart Home packages. These come in two different varieties, each priced at $25 per month over a 24-month term, which means that the minimum total cost for either variant will be $600.

The Automation and Energy Starter Kit will include a Smart Hub device, 2 door and window sensors, 1 wide beam motion sensor to alert you to movement in your home and 2 smart power plugs that allow you to automate the power supply for selected devices.


The Watch and Monitor kit has the same Smart Hub (it’s the brains of the service) and the same 2 door/window sensors, as well as a 720p-capable Wi-Fi enabled camera for home monitoring purposes.

It’s possible to build on these base packages with pretty much anything in the other package, or multiples of existing components. An indoor Wi-Fi HD camera will set you back $8 per month over 24 months (or $192 in total) whereas the outdoors equivalent is $9 per month over 24 months ($216 total). If you want a smart thermostat it will cost you $216 all up, paid in $9 per month payments, while a Smart Home compatible Lockwood Smart Lock will cost $19 per month for a total price of $456.


Smart light bulbs in either Edison or Bayonet screw types are sold at a one-off charge of $72 each. That makes sense given that there’s the possibility of failure within a two-year plan, and it would hurt to still be making payments, even small ones, on a dead light bulb. The smart power plugs are likewise a $48 charge on your Telstra bill, while the door/window sensors are $48. Telstra sells both a narrow and a wide beam sensor at $48 outright.

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