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Best pens in Australia

We read hundreds of customer reviews to find the 7 best pens available in Australia right now.

The best pens in Australia

How did we pick this list?

There's more to a good pen purchase than meets the eye. We selected the products on this list based on actual customer reviews. We researched product features within each category to identify the pens with the highest review scores.

Read more detail on our method below.

UniBall Jetstream Standard Pens

Best overall pen

UniBall Jetstream Standard Pens
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Good value for money
  • Easy flow ink


  • Made from plastic
  • Critics say ink comes out unevenly towards the end of use

With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 1,470 Amazon reviews, the best overall pen available in Australia now is the UniBall Jetstream Standard Pen.

Balanced perfectly, these pens offer a really smooth writing experience which many customers enjoy. The design is a classic which has all the features you'd expect.

The ink flows effortlessly, dries quickly and produces vibrant colour. That these pens dry so quickly makes them a brilliant choice for left-handed writers as it minimises smudging and allows for crisp lines.

Despite being made of plastic, this pen is still durable and stylish, with an overall sleek design and a rubber grip for added comfort.

Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Pen

Best gel pen

Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Pen
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Comfy to hold
  • Classic style


  • Critics say the fine tipped version can scratch paper
  • Ink takes a while to dry

With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 5,127 Amazon reviews, the best gel pen available is the Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Pen.

This pen's classic design features a cushioned ergonomic grip many customers say is comfortable to hold thanks to its good positioning.

This pen features a retractable nib, which has a solid click feel and sound when used, as well as a sturdy clip.

Many customers say this pen feels good in their hands and helps them to write smoothly and easily.

You can see the ink levels through the smooth plastic body, which is a bonus as you can tell when you need a refill.

Hongdian Black Forest Matte Fountain Pen

Best fountain pen

Hongdian Black Forest Matte Fountain Pen
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Built to last
  • Good price point for a fountain pen


  • Ink sold separately
  • One reviewer commented that the fine nib option writes more like a medium

The best fountain pen available in Australia now is the Hongdian Black Forest Matte Fountain pen, which boasts an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 4,891 reviews on Amazon.

A fountain pen is a timeless piece of stationery. It's also more sustainable pen option. When choosing a fountain pen, there are a few factors that make the Hongdian the pick of the bunch.

The pen is suitable for writing for longer periods of time thanks to it's well-weighted design.

One review said the sleek matte black pen felt sturdy in their hand given how slimline it is. Many customers noted how smooth this product is to write with.

This product comes with a converter for bottled ink, but does not include cartridges, so budget for that as well.

It may not be cheap, but it is built to last, and many customers have noted that this is good value for money.

It also arrives in a metal pen case, which reviewers noted makes it ideal for gifting.

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

Best ballpoint pen

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Stylish and durable
  • No plastic parts


  • A more costly option
  • Some critics think older editions of this pen are better quality than the newer offerings

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from over 12,300 Amazon reviews, the best ballpoint pen available now is the Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen.

A classic design from the well-known brand, this product gets reviews that live up to the high-end price point.

Made with stainless steel, this pen is sturdy and durable; many customers comment on how long it lasts. Online reviews repeat this product is reliable.

In terms of how it writes, this pen has a tungsten carbide ball tip with a unique geometric structure, ensuring a quick and comfortable writing experience with high colour intensity. As one customer put it, "they don't write, they glide".

Parker's signature retractable design opens and closes with a click, and this product is also compatible with Parker's gel refills.

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Tombow Dual Brush Markers

Best calligraphy pen

Tombow Dual Brush Markers
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Wide range of well pigmented colours
  • Allows for a variety of creative uses


  • One critic said the pens were slightly too long for their tastes
  • Can dry out quickly if the lids are left off

The best pens for calligraphy are the Tombow Dual Brush Markers, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from across 4,609 global reviews on Amazon.

These pens straddle the line between home crafting use and professional fine art quality.

This product comes as a pack of 10 in a variety of colourways, and they are ideal for illustrations, journalling, hand lettering and more.

The Dual Brush Markers have two tips: the fine tip is perfect for consistent lines and tight drawing and the second is highly flexible like a brush making it ideal for large area colour application.

The single ink reservoir also makes this product a more economical choice.

The caps are colour coded, and the pens come in a wide range of 108 colours. You can blend colours to create your shades, and you can add water to create more subtle blends.

The ink is acid-free, non-bleed water-based and odourless, which many customers comment is a pleasant touch, especially if they're writing or drawing for longer periods of time.

Fisher Matte Black Space Pen

Best writing pen

Fisher Matte Black Space Pen
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Can write in any conditions
  • Long lasting ink


  • A more costly option
  • Some customers don't like the friction fit lid

The best pen for writing is the Fisher Matte Black Space Pen, which has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 4,621 reviews on Amazon.

This product writes smoothly at any angle, and even in zero gravity (hence the name)!

One of the most versatile pens there is out there, the Fisher Space Pen can write in extreme temperatures from -34ºC to 121ºC. You can write upside down, underwater, and even over grease with ease.

Fisher is so confident about how durable this pen is, it even comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The pen has a brass body with a matte black finish and customers like how comfortable it is to write with for long periods of time.

Thanks to its pressurised ink, the Space Pen refill also lasts up to three times longer than a standard ballpoint refill.

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Paper Mate Profile Ballpoint Pen

Best cheap pen

Paper Mate Profile Ballpoint Pen
Image: Supplied/Finder


  • Many customers say these pens glide easily
  • Doesn't blot much for a thick tip pen


  • Not as durable as more costly options
  • Critics think they run out of ink quickly

The best ballpoint pen if you're on a tight budget is the Paper Mate Profile Ballpoint pen.

It boasts an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 2,000 Amazon reviews and is available as a single item or to purchase in bulk.

This pen has a bold 1.4mm point which writes with ease, and customers like the soft grip which allows them to write for long periods of time in comfort.

The ink itself is vivid, and the pen comes in multiple colours, so whether you are journalling or studying you can colour code your notes.

The retractable design is convenient and user-friendly, and customers find this product to be good value for money.

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Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen
  • We've compared over 18 pen brands and more than 32 individual pen products.
  • We took into consideration actual customer experience from reviews and factors including cost, comfort and how smoothly the pens write.
  • Our editorial team chooses the products on this list, and we do not select them based on commercial relationships.

"Why you can trust our picks

There are a few things to consider when buying a pen, including your personal writing style, the design of the pen and the materials used to make it. We also researched factors including the weight and grip of the pen. Within each pen type, there are of course various nib size options depending on your needs.

We considered products from the following brands:

  • Artline
  • Brause
  • Bic
  • Uni-Ball
  • Hongdian
  • Fisher
  • Muji
  • Parker
  • Pilot
  • Papermate
  • Pentel
  • Sharpie
  • Stabilo
  • Speedball
  • Staedtler
  • Tombow
  • Wordsworth & Black

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