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Foxtel vs Kayo: Which live streaming option is best for sports fans?

Kayo is the cheaper option and offers almost everything sport-related available on Foxtel, but there are a few more nuances to consider.

Devoted sports fans won't be appeased with access to just free-to-air matches so it comes down to which streaming service offers the most bang for buck: Kayo Sports or Foxtel?

Compare Kayo vs Foxtel

Kayo vs Foxtel: Price

Both Kayo and Foxtel offer over 50 sports live or on demand. However, starting at $25 a month for a single stream, Kayo is cheaper than signing up to a Foxtel subscription.

This is even after a recent price rise from Kayo this year on its Basic package.

On the flip side, if you value non-sports content, you could:

  • Sign up to Foxtel's set-top-box experience (Foxtel iQ) which works with an internet or satellite connection. Adding its Sports HD bundle on top of the Foxtel Plus pack will cost you a minimum of $100 a month. The monthly price goes down though if you sign up to a 12-month contract.
  • Alternatively, you have the option to sign up to Foxtel Now, a streaming service similar to Kayo that allows access to Foxtel with only an internet connection. Adding sport to its base Essentials pack will cost $54 a month.

You can sign up for a 10-day free trial to Foxtel Now before making a decision. With Kayo, A 7-day free trial is available for new customers.

  • Good to know. If you're looking for more than just sports, you could consider signing up to Kayo and BINGE separately and still pay less than what you would with Foxtel. BINGE allows you to get the most out of your Foxtel movies and entertainment hit from just $10 a month, but that includes ads.

Here's a quick price comparison of Kayo and Foxtel sports pack options to help you with your decision:

Name Product Free trial period Max video quality Simultaneous streams Monthly price
Kayo Sports One
Kayo Sports One
7 days
Kayo Sports Basic
Kayo Sports Basic
7 days
Foxtel Sport
Foxtel Sport
Foxtel Now - All Packs
Foxtel Now - All Packs
10 days
Foxtel Now - Sport Pack
Foxtel Now - Sport Pack
10 days
Foxtel Platinum Plus
Foxtel Platinum Plus

Does Kayo have more sports than Foxtel?

Yes. Kayo streams more sports than Foxtel, but that's only due to some niche sports coverage such as chess and pickleball.

But given these are low-tier sports, you might be able to watch them on Kayo for free.

Ultimately, both platforms offer similar content and Kayo also covers all Fox Sports channels. Your decision for signing up to a platform will come down to price and features.

Kayo vs Foxtel: Features

Both Kayo and Foxtel provide the same sports content in HD, but there are a few feature differences between the 2 platforms.


Kayo offers you a sports viewing experience that is beyond what is available on Foxtel.

This includes features such as a Key Moments timeline, SplitView (4 channels at once), No Spoilers and the ability to adjust your speed so you can watch sports in slo-mo or speed things up a bit.

There is also an excellent Netflix-style user interface and bespoke content such as the Kayo Minis highlights videos.


Unlike Kayo, Foxtel's latest iQ boxes allow you to stream sports in 4K resolution. Just remember that not all sports are filmed (or broadcast) in 4K and you also need a 4K TV to see the difference.

Foxtel Now is only available in HD.

You can also record using Foxtel's streaming box.

As part of its subscription, you also get free access to the Foxtel GO companion app, allowing you to access a selection of your channels on the move.


Stream Kayo FREE for 7 days

Take Kayo Sports for a spin and stream over 50 sports live, plus get 15,000+ hours of on-demand archives.

10-day free trial of Foxtel Now

No installation and no lock-in contract. New customers only. Sign up now.

Kayo vs Foxtel: Devices

You'll need an iQ box for a standard Foxtel subscription, but it comes to the streaming-only options of Kayo and Foxtel Now, there are plenty of devices to choose from.

Here's how they compare to each other regarding devices.

DeviceKayoFoxtel Now
Apple TV
Android TV OS
Smart TV (selected models)
Chromecast (Ultra models and later recommended)
Google Nest
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Foxtel Now Box
Telstra TV
Amazon Fire TV Stick

Most devices can stream both services, but some such as older PlayStation consoles may have limitations.

Neither service is available on Xbox.

Kayo allows for multiple simultaneous streams with different pricing tiers, while Foxtel and Foxtel Now allow for up to 5 registered devices but only 2 simultaneous streams. You'll need to pay more for additional streams on Foxtel iQ.

Verdict: Should I get Kayo or Foxtel?

The decision ultimately comes down to your budget and entertainment requirements that go beyond sport.

Foxtel iQ offers the convenience of having sport, movies and more under 1 package and the option to stream in 4K.

Foxtel Now lets you stream Foxtel without the need for a set-top box and at a cheaper price than Foxtel iQ, but doesn't offer 4K.

Kayo gives you the same access to sport and allows you the flexibility to sign up to other streaming platforms on a need-to basis, and for much cheaper.

Sign up to Kayo here.

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