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Beauty product of the week: The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask


bodyshopsheamask Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied

The richly replenishing hair mask will do wonders in repairing your locks.

Why we love this product

I'm one of those people that loves their skincare routine and obsesses over applying my makeup. But I would neglect my haircare routine. I would stick to the basics of shampoo, conditioner and then let my hair air-dry. I never considered the importance of using a hair mask and how it can actually make a difference. Sure, a conditioner makes your hair soft but I would always find that the softness would never last.

The Body Shop's Shea Butter Hair Mask is something different. Upon trying it for the first time and based on how good my hair looked and felt, I realised that I was going to be obsessed, and I was. It replenishes dry and damaged locks and leaves your hair feeling softer than ever before.

The quick verdict

Why is it good? It replenishes dry and damaged locks and leaves your hair feeling softer than ever before.

How much is it? $25 for 100mL

Where to buy it? The Body Shop

The Shea Butter range from The Body Shop is designed to nourish and provide immense moisture to the skin and hair. The range includes body moisturisers, hair products and perfumes and it has a slight nutty yet delicious fragrance. The shea is part of the Community Trade policy and is actually hand-farmed by women in villages across Northern Ghana. So by using the products, you are actually directly supporting and helping Ghanian communities.

I have only ever tried a few products from The Body Shop in the past and I am a big fan of the hand creams and body moisturisers. However, I am incredibly intrigued by the brand and what it stands for. Community trade practices in the beauty industry and free from cruelty are just some of the brand's strong policies. Just a few weeks back, The Body Shop announced the Ugly Beauty range which fights against food waste. So I was pretty excited to give this new product from The Body Shop a red hot go.

The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask promises to intensely nourish dry and damaged hair. It's enriched with Community Trade shea butter and cocoa butter from Ghana, Community Trade coconut oil from Samoa and Community organic olive oil from Italy. The properties from all these ingredients work together to make your hair feel and look better. That's why I love this hair mask from The Body Shop.

My hair has blonde highlights so my hair can feel dry and always looks frizzy. I noticed a big difference from using this hair mask as my hair was now soft to the touch and it really replenished my dry ends. It looks healthier and less frizzy. It doesn't repair hair breakage but it certainly reduces it as your hair is soft and silky after use.

At first, I used this product after the application of my conditioner. But after the first use, I decided to use it in replacement of my conditioner. I felt that it got the job done – saved me time in the shower and made my hair feel better than ever. I wash my hair twice a week, which means I use the hair mask twice a week.

I apply it on my wet hair, smothering my locks and brushing out any tangles. Then, I let it sit for about 5 - 10 minutes. This is what The Body Shop recommends and I believe it made a difference in the hair treatment. I was able to sit and relax while the hair mask did it's magic.

Once the time was up, I simply rinsed my hair and let it air-dry as normal. From the first use, I could see a difference in the appearance and texture of my hair which is why I could not stop using it! From my personal experience, I could not fault this product and I would recommend The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask to anyone and everyone.

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For $25, you receive 100mL of product. For me, that included about 8-10 uses and my hair is fairly long so I tend to use a lot of product at the one time. Considering the price and how well the mask makes my hair feel, I believe this is a great price point and I definitely will be re-purchasing!

Where to buy

The Shea Butter Richly Replenishing Hair Mask is only available directly from The Body Shop. You can shop the rest of The Body Shop's shea butter range here. You can pick up a shower cream, body mist and more!

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